Apple iOS Beats Google Android


Internet security company Symantec recently ran tests on Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system for smart phones looking for vulnerabilities and attacks. In the five categories - data loss, malware, web attacks, social engineering attacks and hacking - Apple won three of the five. The two tied when it came to social engineering attacks and web attacks.

When Symantec looked deeper into both operating systems, Apple was found to have far more vulnerabilities - 200 to 18 for Google - yet were not being exploited. Apple runs their own closed app store, screening applications for malware and other factors before approving the apps to the App Store. This has cut down on the amount of attacks on iPhones which have not been jail broken.

The security systems on the phone itself are stronger for Apple than for Android. These are considered a line of defense against attacks through cloning and malware. Symantec also stated that using an iPhone or iPad from Apple was more secure than using a traditional PC.

Despite the popularity of Apple and Google platforms, Research in Motion's BlackBerry is considered the most secure smartphone. It is tightly controllable by corporate IT departments and fewer apps.

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